Faces of disc golf - Eero Markkanen

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Faces of disc golf - Eero Markkanen

Who are you?
I am Eero Markkanen, professional football player
currently playing for HIFK.

What’s disc golf to you?
It’s the perfect way to get out to the nature
and have some fun competition with friends.

Forehand or Backhand?
I prefer backhand because it gets me more distance
but some days if the forehand is coming out clean
I tend to throw more forehands.

Favorite disc golf course?
Järva DiscGolf Park in Stockholm, Sweden.
The area is beautiful and you get to throw lots of different shots.
I would recommend this course to everyone.

Favorite item in your bag?
The sugar free energy drink
I crack open halfway through the course.

Shoutout to all my friends who have paid
for my lunch after I beat them at the course.

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