Faces of disc golf - Happy with par Anthony

Faces of disc golf - Happy with par Anthony

Who are you?
Anthony Taylor, Creative by necessity, I enjoy yelling into microphones and run a brand called Happy with Par. Always trying to be a better version of myself and inspire others to do the same. 

What’s disc golf to you?
An amazing game that can be as fun or as competitive as you want it to be.
For me it’s also shown a series of life lessons in self discipline, facing adversity and positive mental attitude. 

Forehand or Backhand?
I’ve been gravitating towards alot more backhands off of the tee lately. I still throw forehand approach shots a good bit but there is just something special about watching a backhand flex out and get a full flight.  

Favorite disc golf course?
Right now it is Dry Hop Pond in Conowingo, MD.
It’s the newest course that my club has installed with a great mix of airing out drivers on field shots and carving mids and putters through the woods..
But I’m really looking forward to playing Smugglers' Notch again this year. 

Favorite item in your bag?
My bag consists of discs, towels, water bottle and a Bluetooth speaker but recently I added a pair of blue lens sunglasses. I really like them for disc golf in the woods to help minimize the bright rays without deterring my vision.

All my homies in Cecil County Disc Golf, my sponsors @ClashDiscs @UpperParkdiscgolf @TeeboxSoxUsa @HappywithPar.dg & my lil man, Felix!

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