Faces of disc golf - Jussi Chydenius

facesofdiscgolf -

Faces of disc golf - Jussi Chydenius

Who are you?
I am Jussi Chydenius, musician and an amateur disc golfer.

What’s disc golf to you?
My dearest hobby since 2013.

Forehand or Backhand?
I have been trying to come up with
some kind of forehand but I only use it if I must. 
As they say, ”heitä fore, tuplaa score”.

Favorite disc golf course?
In Finland it's Kaatis or Tali
and abroad it’s Järva DGP in Stockholm.

Favorite item in your bag?
My team stamped Star Teebird,
which has been in my bag since 2014.

To my Fribahullut homies (you guys are the best)
and to Pauliina, my partner (she hates disc golf).

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