Faces of Disc Golf - Markus Rytöhonka

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Faces of Disc Golf - Markus Rytöhonka

Who are you?
 I’m 31 year old pro mma fighter who’s chasing for a dream in the top of the game,
pizza delivery boy and a father of 4 kids and a dog!
What’s disc golf to you?
Mostly a good way to spend time with good friends in the nature.
It’s good balance for getting hit in the face!
Disc golf gives me feelings what no other sport has given,
the feeling of success and learning new stuff is wicked,
but some days i wish i had a chainsaw with me
when the only target i hit is trees🌲
Forehand or Backhand?
Forehand for all shots except putting and getting out of places
where forehand is not possible.
Favorite disc golf course?
Oittaa kalliometsä is my favorite course,
it’s close to my home and has many nice fairways for my golden forehand🏆
Favorite item in your bag?
I must say teebird3 is a killer in my hand😎
Pint of good wheat beers
Shoutout to all fellow disc golf players, friends and Flying Plate Company


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