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Faces of disc golf - The Disc Golf Guy

Who are you?
I'm "The Disc Golf Guy" and I try to relentlessly promote disc golf in a variety of ways. Most often you'll find me either hosting play by play commentary or sideline reporting and interviewing with the DGN and the DGPT. When I'm not contracted with the DGPT, I'm often filming, editing, commentating and posting videos in a post-production format for The Disc Golf Guy YouTube channel.  In my spare time, I co-host a disc golf podcast on SmashBoxxTV, I sell discs and specialty boxes for shipping discs, I design courses and run disc golf tournaments.
What’s disc golf to you?
It's cliche' but disc golf is truly my life. I was drawn to it nearly 30 years ago when I was a teenager and although I was hooked to playing it extensively, I quickly found that I love doing other things as well such as running tournaments, leagues and being part of clubs. Disc golf media came along many years later.
Forehand or Backhand?
Backhand. When I started, no one in my area threw forehands nor was it considered much of a necessity back in the mid-90's. I regret never learning how to throw a forehand and only use one when I'm in really big trouble off the fairway.
Favorite disc golf course?
Sandy Point Resort & Disc Golf Ranch. 
It's in Northern Wisconsin and is an incredible piece of property that created so many of my most fond disc golf memories dating all the way back to when I was in high school and going up there twice a year (once for the Northwoods Open and once per year for the Sandy Point Team Invitational).
Favorite item in your bag?
Older, crayon smelling, domey, original, mid-90's, Ontario Rocs.
So many people to thank for my career both on and off the course so thank you to some of my greatest influences ever in Tom Jenkins, John Terlap and Johnny Rumble. Also, to anyone that has come along and supported this wild disc golf journey I've been on as a player for many years and now as a full time disc golf promoter, entrepreneur, course designer, instructor, tournament director, and media guy.

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