Faces of disc golf - Patrick Brown

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Faces of disc golf - Patrick Brown

Who are you?
I’m Patrick Brown, professional disc golfer and graffiti artist.

What’s disc golf to you?
My life, I have been on tour for 13 years.
It’s my passion and my job. I fell in love with how discs fly,
watching them in the air and the different manipulations
of flight paths brings me joy. 

Forehand or Backhand?
Backhand mainly but as a professional
you need to be able to hit any line the shot calls for.
I personally like them both. I will say this,
no one has ever won a distance competition throwing forehand.

Favorite disc golf course?
Blue Ribbon Pines (BRP) in Minnesota,
it is the whole package of disc golf.
First off, the owner Ray Jordan is the nicest hardest working man out there.
Secondly you have a pro shop, food, a full bar,
27 holes and a mix between tightly wooded holes
and bomber shots all on a private course.
It’s the Disneyland of disc golf.
Other courses that are also my favorites include De La Vega,
Maple Hill, Golden Gate, La Mirada,
Hornets Nest, Pier Park, Roy G and Milo.

Favorite item in your bag?
I always keep stocked up on double G craft jerky.
Keeps me going and tastes delicious.
Well that and my compa blend legacy hunters. 

Legacy discs, grip eg, OTB, TreeLove, In Zone disc golf,
Strong John Extracts, BRP, my lovely girlfriend Jenny Umstead
@jenniferdenee and our dog Baxter.

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