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We respect your right to privacy and will explain in the next privacy statement how we collect and use your personal information.


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Purpose of the register

We collect personal information provided by an e-commerce customer for customer relationship management purposes. The provision of personal data is a precondition for the conclusion of a contract. In other words, you cannot order products from our online store if you do not provide your personal information.

We also collect personal information for marketing purposes. Personal information can be used for customer relationship management and maintenance, customer service and e-commerce business development, as well as advertising and direct marketing.

What information we collect

The register stores all the information that is given to us by the customer in the purchase transaction or in the creation of a username, such as:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Other contact information such as email and phone number
  • For logins made through social media, the email address and certificate used to log in
  • Order history (eg ordered products, product color, size / weight and price)
  • The information provided in the order details field
  • Delivery and payment method used
  • Shipment tracking information
  • E-commerce usage and browsing information
  • Product recommendation and other information and tags used for targeted content

Our payment service provider Checkout Finland collects the IP address, payment method and time of payment in connection with the payment transaction. Checkout Finland Privacy Statement.

Disclosure of information

We disclose some of the necessary personal information to third parties, such as our logistics, banking, payment, accounting and IT partners, to enable the order-delivery process and for marketing purposes. Your information will also be passed on to the company providing the service when purchasing by invoice / credit.

If necessary, we also provide information to the authorities upon request. We also notify the customer of requests for information from the authorities, if this is permitted by law.

Retention and protection of registry information

We retain personal information in our register for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purposes of the register or to comply with the law. Personal data is destroyed in accordance with the Personal Data Act when the legal basis for their retention ceases. Some information may be retained for longer than the statutory time limits, if necessary, for example in the handling of accounting and warranty and complaint matters related to consumer trade.

When processing customers' personal data, we comply with the Personal Data Act, the Act on the Protection of Privacy in Telecommunications and the Security of Telecommunications, as well as other data protection legislation and good data processing practices. Only our company's staff has access to our customers' personal data and the users of the register are identified by a username and password.

Rights of the data subject

Once registered, you have the right to inspect your personal information and request its correction or deletion from our records. In this case, please contact our company privacy officer in writing. The information will only be disclosed to the person themselves after the identity has been verified..

The right to inspect personal information is free of charge up to once a year, but for repeated requests, copies, etc. we may charge a reasonable administrative fee.

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Privacy Statement Update

We reserve the right to change the privacy statement. We will notify our registered customers of significant changes when updating the terms and conditions.

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