Faces of disc golf - Risto Lehtinen

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Faces of disc golf - Risto Lehtinen

Who are you?
I am Risto Lehtinen, a 37-year-old familyman, 
painter, ventilation installer, skater and above all a disc golfer.

What’s disc golf to you?
For me, disc golf is a life-long hobby that is easy to do 
and there is always room for improvement. 
The playmates and the forest also find their place in my heart.

Forehand or Backhand?
When I started disc golf in 2006, 
there was an attitude that the backhand
was the only really serious throwing technique, 
well, if Ville Piippo isn't counted 😆 
Both techniques are, in my opinion, necessary to know, 
but if either one is forced to choose, then backhand. 
Nothing compares to a decent putter throw.

Favorite disc golf course
Tali is my favorite track. 
First track where I played,
first decent track in Helsinki and my home track.

Favorite item in your bag?
My absolute favorite item in the bag is a piece of magnesium
in another beverage bottle holder. 
Without it in the summer,
I won’t get a good grip from the disc because of hand sweating.

Greetings for the family, 
the Barons of Fau and the Sven Brothers.

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